Making patterns, finding patterns

When I first started this blog I had decided that this would be a documentation of my journey into patternmaking. The kinds of patterns you need to make clothes. Because I like clothes, design and sewing.

I had arrived at some kind of crossroads in my life where I decided to work less and make less money. And to rediscover what makes me happy. And strangely, looking at, designing and making clothes came up tops in those first few months of disorientation.

And yet, the world does not need another craftsy blog. And my experiments are too fraught to provide any kind of instruction to the outside world.

Instead, I began to blog about all the other things I can’t stop thinking about. The stuff at the bottom of the swamp that eventually rises to the top. And realized that this blog was not about making patterns, but trying to see patterns. And that perhaps, viewed from 10,000 feet up, these patterns would begin to say something. That once I’d crack the code on them I would find small self-revelations packed inside. I have no idea whether this will actually be the case. But here we go.


What do you think?

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