Leaping into the void


Two more days ’til I stop with all that crazy, compulsive yet mostly pointless counting and tracking. The other thing that’ll have to go is the giant health, fitness and nutrition echo chamber that I’ve built for myself.  The echo chamber that feeds my obsession. So this evening I weeded through my feeds and my social media and unfollowed tons of people, unsubscribed from feeds and deleted bookmarks. And realized how much of the time-sucking rabbit holes I fall into when I could be doing something else comes from that corner. It will be mighty quiet, unless and until I figure out what other nutty interest I’ll devote myself to. Or, radical thought, I could just spend less time on the computer. It will be interesting to see. Because I reckon, all the tracking and health related reading I do ate up between half an hour to an hour every day. That’s several weeks of my life, every year. Yikes.

I know I’ll miss it, at least in the beginning. There are many people in that crazy sphere who wrote well and thought deeply – sorry Go Kaleo, Melissa McEwen, Sean Flanagan, Dr Andro, Anthony Colpo, or Chris Kresser, it’s not you, it’s me.  I know that there are many interesting scientific discoveries happening. And I do think I’ll check into Science Daily once in a while. It’s just the endless debating and slamming and repeating and rehashing that get so pointless. There is more to life than discussing food, exercise and body image.

I only have one life, and I’ve finally decided, that’s not how I am going to spend it.




What do you think?

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