About me

I got sucked into a black hole of obsessive tracking. This blog is my attempt to find my way back to an untracked, uncharted, unmeasured life of audacity and adventure. Less counting, more living.



5 thoughts on “About me

  1. I know something of walking without counting and walking with counting. There is a time when counting is the only way I can continue. It sets a rhythm in my life that propels me forward. It is the wandering periods when I find the most awe in all that is around me. I know something of walking.

  2. It’s interesting because I really admire people who are “on top of it”. I’m the worst person in the world at following a list or tracking something or even keeping a regular schedule. The struggle the unquantified people (speaking at least for myself) is that it’s easy to feel undefined, inexact, tangential, never fully anywhere. I will enjoy “walking” with you on your journey.

  3. Hi !I love your blog !
    I am researching for my master thesis in design at the moment and this (!!) is exactly my topic: The unquantified self. How can we unquantify ourselves. Would you be up for a skype call within the next days? Love to connect. Feel free to get in touch: hannah.dykast@zhdk.ch. Best, Hannah

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